Eric & Abby’s April Challenge Group

(Full disclosure: I wanted to put this at the top instead of hiding it at the bottom. Abby and I are Independent Team Beachbody Coaches. In a nutshell, that does mean we earn commission on sales that we make through Beachbody. It’s very similar to Thirty-One, Mary Kay, Jamberry, etc. However, I do want to emphasize the fact that we would not do this if we didn’t believe in it. It’s kind of like telling people about your favorite restaurant, except this company pays us to do that. I’ve tried plenty of other things like Atkins, Weight Watchers, DDP Yoga, Paleo…the list goes on. Beachbody programs make it easy (to follow….the doing part IS hard). They give you workout programs that fit every need as well as Shakeology, which has made my nutrition plan much simpler. So yes, I am trying to sell you something, but when I take a walk at the park or buy groceries, I look around a see that this is something a lot of folks need.)

Hey friends!

Abby & I have just one month left of our P90X3/Shakeology Challenge! Our results thus far have been phenomenal.

I am currently down 18 pounds in just two months after 60 days of drinking Shakeology every day, exercising 6 days a week, and maintaining a 1,600-1,700 calorie daily diet. Plus I feel stronger than ever. I ran bases 3 times with our Tiny Tots baseball team the other night and still felt I could go longer.

Abby has felt more energized than ever after replacing her breakfast, or lack thereof, with Shakeology. I even got her to start logging her calories into MyFitnessPal just to see how she could improve her diet. (For a weekly journal of our lives over the last few months, be sure to listen to Fat Guy, Skinny Wife.)

Our journey over the last few months made us realize just how ignorant we have been towards our own health, and we want to help others “see the light”.

This is where we need your help. We are looking for people who are looking for similar results to join us in our final month of P90X3. We’re looking for people who are in need of a change in their lifestyle. Folks who have tried everything or don’t even know where to start.

We need folks who are willing to commit to our very own Beachbody Challenge Group starting Monday, April 13th!


In our Challenge Group, Abby & I will coach you through 30 days of changing your lifestyle. This will mostly be done through our private Facebook Group page. In this group, you will stay in touch with us as well as the other participants in our challenge group. We have found that having others hold us accountable for our lifestyle increases the likeliness of meeting our goals.

It won’t be easy and there are a few commitments that will need to be made:

– Workout at least 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week, for 30 days.

– Drink Shakeology daily.

– Follow the nutrition plan provided by your workout program.

– Stay dedicated for the entire 30 days.

– Take your photos and measurements on Days 1 & 30

– Engage in our private Facebook group daily; share how you’re feeling and provide encouragement to others to help them reach their goals.

It will not be easy. These last 60 days have been tough for us but we have had people supporting us along the way. That’s why we want to pay it forward and help others.

We’re going to open this group to the first 5 people who commit. So please, if you know someone who needs this opportunity, share this link with them.

If you’re interested, please go HERE to fill out a questionnaire for us to better help you on your health and fitness journey. (There’s no financial commitment when filling out the survey.)

If you still have questions, please email us ( or or shoot us a Facebook message.




Additional Info:


In order to participate in our Challenge Group, you will need to purchase a Beachbody Challenge Pack that includes a workout program, fitness/nutrition guide, and a month’s supply of Shakeology. Here’s a list of available Challenge Packs from Beachbody: Challenge Pack Info Sheet.



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