Episode 007: Accountability with Jodi


Click here to listen to Episode 007: Accountability with Jodi

Welcome to That Podcasting Couple’s Fat Guy, Skinny Wife Podcast. The show is brought to you by Audible.Com. Visit audibletrial.com/thatpodcastingcouple for your FREE audiobook and 30 day trial of Audible.

We are continuing our Beachbody journey and this week we chat with our special guest, Jodi, about:

– Her results after a 30 Day Challenge

– Her struggles

– Her successes

– How accountability helped her surpass her goals.

– Why YOU should consider a Challenge Group

– Plus much more

If you want to know more about our 30 Day Challenge Group, starting on April 13th,


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*This post does contain Beachbody affiliate links.

*Eric and Abby are Independent Beachbody Coaches

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