The 21 Day Fix Challenge

Eric’s Disclaimer

Hey friends!

Abby & I are about to finish P90X3; however, our health and fitness journey is not over.

As of this writing, I’m down 24 pounds from when I started, my cholesterol levels are down without medication, and I feel fitter, faster, & stronger than ever. Abby is full of energy and her head is in a much better place because of Beachbody. (Listen to this podcast to hear it from her)

I have to admit, P90X3 has been pretty extreme. But I’ve also had a few days where I’ve slacked on my diet. We all do this. We say, “I’m working out. I’m burning the calories. I deserve this.” I think this is part of the reason I’m not at my 90 day goal weight.

That changes in May!


Abby & I will be starting the 21 Day Fix.

Watch this video to learn more.

Along with trying it our ourselves, we would like to lead a small, private accountability group through the 21 Day Fix.



In our Challenge Group, Abby & I will coach you through 30 days of changing your lifestyle (we’ll start a week before the program in order to get our kitchen straight). This will mostly be done through our private Facebook Group page. In this group, you will stay in touch with us as well as the other participants in our challenge group. We have found that having others hold us accountable for our lifestyle increases the likeliness of meeting our goals.

It won’t be easy and there are a few commitments that will need to be made:

– Stick to the 21 Day Fix Nutrition Guide. That means eating meals that fit within the guidelines of your containers.

– Follow the workout plan. The workouts are only 30 minutes long!

– Drink Shakeology daily.

– Stay dedicated for the entire 30 days.

– Take your photos and measurements on Days 1 & 21

– Engage in our private Facebook group daily; share how you’re feeling and provide encouragement to others to help them reach their goals.

It will not be easy. These last 75 days have been tough for us but we have had people supporting us along the way. That’s why we want to pay it forward and help others.

We’re going to open this group to the first 5 people who commit. So please, if you know someone who needs this opportunity, share this link with them.

If you’re interested, please go HERE to fill out a questionnaire for us to better help you on your health and fitness journey. 

If you still have questions, please email us ( or or shoot us a Facebook message.







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