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Episode 008: Ballpark Foods


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Welcome to That Podcasting Couple’s Fat Guy, Skinny Wife Podcast. The show is brought to you by Audible.Com. Visit audibletrial.com/thatpodcastingcouple for your FREE audiobook and 30 day trial of Audible. Abby highly recommends Beth Moore’s So Long, Insecurity.

We are continuing our Beachbody journey and this week we chat about:

– Our 60 day results. Abby’s not so pleased but has some biological reasons; however, Eric is getting some of his swagger back. Check out his 60 day picture:


– We talk about CityLab.com’s article The 7 Most Gloriously Disgusting Ballpark Snacks of 2015.

– We remind folks about our upcoming 30 Day Challenge Group, starting on April 13th

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